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Math Made Easy Tutoring



I am available to tutor you or your child in math online.  If you are a student or homeschooler who is struggling with mathematics, or are a parent whose child needs help in the subject, I can offer assistance for you or your child RIGHT NOW, and you don't have to leave your home to receive help.  


My Credentials and Experience


Throughout my years in grade school, up to my graduation from high school, I have learned and excelled in nearly all forms of math.  In eighth grade, I took Algebra I and received straight A’s in the subject and never looked back.  In my two years at Howard University, I took Calculus, which is a totally different type of math from what I was taught in grade school.  Though Calculus was not one of my stronger subjects, I did learn the basics, and in time, I will go back to master this subject, so I will be able to tutor those who need the help.


Throughout my adult years, I have helped family members, friends and colleagues with their math problems for free.  Using my training methods from the various banking jobs that I have held over the years, I have applied those skills to teaching a student the basics of math.  With the suggestion of several of my peers, I have decided to offer an online tutoring service, where I can provide my expertise in the subject and help struggling students get a better understanding of this subject we call mathematics.  Thus, the birth of my business, MATH MADE EASY TUTORING.


Math Subjects


Presently, I can provide tutoring help in the following math subjects:

  • arithmetic
  • prealgebra
  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II
  • trigonometry

 In the near future, I will provide tutoring assistance in Calculus, geometry and statistics. 



My Services


My basic rate is $20 per hour (paid through PayPal).  Because of my busy schedule, I only tutor online.  I use Skype for my tutoring sessions, where I share my screen and use Microsoft One Note as my whiteboard.  That way, you or your child can get the help needed without having to leave your home.  For parents, I am available at any time for continuing live consultations to provide updates on your child's progress.



Online Demonstration


Click here for an example of how an online tutoring session is run. 



Contact Me


Send an e-mail to to set up a consultation.

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