The World Is Your Oyster. Live Life To The Fullest!
The World Is Your Oyster.  Live Life To The Fullest!
Rodney Little Jr.
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Good afternoon blog readers:   Do you ever sit back to wonder why some people seem to have it all, and the rest of us seem to have nothing?  If you're not: a professional athlete an Oscar winning actor a highly paid doctor or lawyer the CEO of a large corporation a financial guru are probably asking yourself:  "How can I get a piece of the pie?" As Americans (or whatever country you are from), most of us fall into 1 of 3 categories: a.  You are very happy with your life.  You are loving your lifestyle, where you are living life on your own terms.  You have a good paying job and you are very happy with what you are doing on the job.  Most likely, you are happy with your family life and relationships.  You also have money put away in the form of savings and/or investments. b.  You are somewhat happy with your life.  Even though life isn't bad, you wish that you could be doing something more; such as taking more vacations or working that dream job, or earning more at your job.  You're able to pay your bills, but it's not easy to put money away.  In a nutshell, you are content with how you are living.  c.  Your life is a living hell.  You're living paycheck to paycheck, and you're at a job that you totally detest.  You're constantly asking to borrow money from others, because you're not able to pay all of your bills.   Whatever your situation may be, whether good or bad, YOU have the power to change it....TO MAKE IT BETTER!   Recently, I stumbled upon a posting that was very intriguing to say the least.  Look below: When I read these facts, it's staggering!  People are having a tough time living life.  Unfortunately, there are cases where many of us spend beyond our means and we put our financial burdens on ourselves.  However, for many of us, we're attempting to move up the financial ladder, then unexpected expenses occur; such as auto repair, or a loved one gets sick and needs care.  Occurrences such as these are frustrating when you are trying to save a penny. The good news can change this trend, and it starts with the quality of life.  Let's look at the formula below:   Quality of life = income - expenses For many of us, we live the lifestyle of what we're earning.  When our income increases, so does our expenses, so the quality of life stays the same.  To create a better quality of life, you need to do the following: increase your income reduce your expenses I am certain that it's easier said than done, but accomplishing these two steps are vital to living a better lifestyle.  For the latter, it's a matter of paying off credit card debt, or reducing your cable bill or paying off an automobile.  As far as income, you reach a ceiling in how much you earn when you are working for someone else.  The solution to this ordeal is to BECOME YOUR OWN BOSS.   Let me give you several reasons why you should become your own boss:   greater control over your own destiny no ceiling on your earnings setting your own hours more networking possibilities retire at an earlier age doing work that makes you happy FINANCIAL FREEDOM If becoming your own boss sounds enticing and you are serious about making that change, I have compiled a set of eight emails that provide FREE BASIC TIPS on how to get out of the rat race and to take control of your life by becoming your own boss.    Click HERE today to sign up for my tips, and I will send you a free report:   This 30-page eBook will give you some ideas on how you can start earning at least $10k per month running your own enterprise.  Sign up for my tips, and you will receive similar free eBooks that will help you transition from the "9 to 5" to financial prosperity.  You can opt out of my emails at any time if my tips aren't to your liking. SIGN UP today, and find your way to financial freedom! \
Rodney Little Jr.
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Happy June Blog Readers: How are you?  I hoped everyone had a great May.  We are less than 30 days away from the halfway mark of 2018.  Where did the time go? We all have our ups and downs in life.  Life can be definitely be challenging especially when we down.  Does it mean that we will stay down?  Absolutely not!   I say this because the month of June has started on a bad note for me.   As I mentioned in my previous postings, my servicing with Staples was supposed to end at the end of the month.  Unfortunately, my servicing ended a month early.  Because of this, I am currently not producing any income.  I will receive my last deposit on the 15th.  After that deposit, I will not have any income coming in until possibly August.  Talk about being down!   I do start training for my new position with StubHub (which is a part of Working Solutions, another company I signed up with) on June 22.  Even though I will get $250 when I complete my training, I may not get that pay until August, when I start full-time.  As of now, I am seeking another job through Upwork, in hopes of finding something that I can start right away.  We will see what happens with this situation in the coming weeks.   Last month, I did make a purchase, which was a move I needed to make.  I bought a refurbished Dell computer with an I5 processor.  When I was applying for the eBay position through Arise, my old computer did not meet the specifications, so I had to buy it...and it's a good thing I did.  Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to work for Working Solutions, because my old computer did not meet their specifications either.   In regards to my internet marketing efforts, I had an "up" moment, a "down" moment, and now another "up" moment: FINALLY!!!!!  I completed my affiliate funnel (I had the time to do so because of my job status)!  My affiliate funnel contains a welcome email for my new subscribers, plus 8 additional emails that will come in successions.  Thus, I used MailChimp to create my landing page and emails....all for free!  I even used MailChimp to set up my Facebook ad, so everything was copacetic!  I just had to wait for the ad approval from Facebook.   The next day, I found out that my MailChimp account was suspended!  Apparently, I violated their policy, which I must have overlooked.  MailChimp does not allow email campaigns that focus on making money online, which is what my campaign is all about.  Even though I was crushed, this is an easy fix.   I already knew about AWeber, another email campaign service.  However, with AWeber, their services are not free, but I did discover that email campaigns of my caliber are accepted, so that is a good thing.  What's even better is that I can use AWeber free for 30 days before I pay my monthly fee.  Who knows?  By that time, I may have some sales (smile).   Yesterday, I created my offer page, which I was able to place right on my personal website, which is a great thing, because directing prospects to my offer page means that I am also directing them to my website....a 1-2 punch!  On my offer page, I also changed the language, so now I'm not promoting how to make money online, but how to become your own boss, which sounds more appropriate.   This afternoon I will be attending a 30-minute webinar on how to set up my emails with the AWeber platform.  Afterwards, I will be able to create my 9 emails (my welcome email plus the successive 8 emails).  I have already created the emails themselves, so all I will need to do is format them.  My plan is to complete my affiliate funnel tonight, then I can start directing traffic to my offer page, and to build my list.  I also plan to create an ad on Facebook.  Hopefully it will be accepted, now that I've changed the language of what I'm promoting.   It could be a bumpy road for the next couple of months, due to the loss of income, but I'm taking matters one day at a time.  One thing that I'm optimistic about is that I may finally start earning passive internet income with my funnel.  If so, it may be the last time that I will have to apply for any or otherwise!  Only time will tell.     In the meantime, my Pathway to Prosperity continues!  I have a feeling that the second half of 2018 will be promising.  Until then, have a great day readers!
Rodney Little Jr.
Happy May Blog Readers, I apologize for giving you my OPP update so late in the month.  However, I had a good reason.  The last few days, I was tutoring a student from Houston in Algebra II.  In less than a week, I had accumulated 7 hours of tutoring time with this student.  Most of my students tend to quit after 1 or 2 sessions, but this student was determined to learn, and I appreciate that.   Providing tutoring lessons using the Wyzant platforms has increased my credibility, and in 2018, I have had more tutoring requests than I have had in previous years.  With this momentum, I plan to promote myself a little more, and hopefully, I can start tutoring more frequently.  All of my proceeds from tutoring will go right to my bitcoin wallet.   In April, I found out that my Staples servicing will end.  Last month, my 15-month stint with Tan Physics came to an abrupt end.  I was told by my supervisor that Tan Physics was going in a new direction.  At the time, I thought several of the reps would be let go.  I soon discovered that I was the only casualty.  It's my speculation that since more than 99% of the Tan Physics customers are female, they wanted female reps to service them Even though I enjoyed my time working with Tan Physics, I am not happy with the way I was dismissed.  On Wednesday, April 25, just 15 days ago, I had started my shift as usual.  One thing my supervisor did mention is that his bosses were listening on calls that day.  As I was waiting for the next call, first, I was signed out of Ring Central; then I was removed from the Skype group before receiving a call from my supervisor, letting me know that I was relieved.  For someone who showed up for work daily for 15 months, I felt that they could have showed me more respect as far as how I was relieved of my duty.  It was a hard pill to swallow, but life goes on.  I don't need them! For now, my only main source of income is the Staples position through Arise (until the end of June).  Even though my hours have increased now that I am available all day, I will lose some income, because between Tan Physics and Staples, I was working close to 60 hours a week.  For now, my hours have been reduced to about 45 hours a week (including Sundays). I was given a voucher through my IBO (Arise's Independent Business Owner) to sign up for another client.  I wanted to work for Barnes & Noble, but as of now, no classes are available for this client, so tomorrow, I will have to choose another client to service.  In the meantime, I will be seeking a second income for the time being, either through Upwork, or perhaps another company, Working Solutions. Working less hours means that I now have more time to work my businesses.  I have started working on the emails that will become part of my affiliate funnel.  Once I finish creating these emails (which will be 8-10 emails), they will be a part of my email campaign, for which I plan to start promoting on Facebook.  The purpose of these emails will be to create my list, then start a business relationship with this list in hopes of receiving sales.  In addition, I will start promoting my personal website as well to get more direct sales.   Another campaign that I will start is to refer people to Coinbase, which is a digital currency exchange.  When I refer people to Coinbase, and they buy, sell, or trade at least $100 in bitcoins, I will receive $10 in bitcoins (as well as my referral).  My plan is to refer 1500 people, and receive $10 from each, which will give me the $15k I need to move back into my own place.  Of course, I may have other sources of income that will contribute to the $15k, but 1500 referrals is still the goal.    For right now, I have halted my training from the BWC in order to complete the emails for my affiliate funnel.  Once the emails are complete, then I will lean my focus into learning how to trade crytocurrencies (I plan to have at least $100 in my bitcoin wallet by then).  Trading crytocurrencies will help me get to the $15k I need.   I have my work cut out for me this month, but then again, these are the things I need to do in order to enjoy financial freedom in the months ahead!  Have a great day everyone!
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